China Life became the largest shareholder of Town Health International Medical Group Limited to promote the strategy of "Holistic Healthcare”

China Life Insurance (Group)Company signed an investment agreement with Town Health International Medical Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Town Health") listed onthe Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on January 5, 2015. China Lifeplans to spend nearly HK$1.75 billion in TownHealth. After the completion of the investment, China Life will hold 24.59%stake in Town Health and become the largest shareholder.

Town Health is the largest private healthcare network chain in Hong Kong, it is also the first medical group listed on theMain Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company’s medical services include general outpatient clinics, specialist clinics, dental and specialist medical centers(ophthalmology, orthopedics, surgery, ENT and reproductive medicine), physical examination and laboratory, diagnostic imaging etc. Meanwhile, the company isalso one of the oldest and largest healthcare management operators in HongKong.