President of China Life Investment Holding Co., Ltd. WANG Junhui Selected as “2014 China Annual Insurance Figures”

Recently, the award of “2014 China Annual Insurance Figures” and “2014 China Annual Insurance Managers” was announced, which was sponsored by China Insurance Newspaper and China Insurance Network. President of China Life Investment Holding Co., Ltd.WANG Junhui was selected as “2014 China Annual Insurance Figures”. On October 17, the award ceremony was held in Beijing, as the award presenters,Vice-chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) ZHOU Yanli, party secretary and executive vice-chairman of China Journalists Association ZHAIHuisheng presented the awards.

China annual insurance figures selection had been held for nine years, which had great influence inside and outside the industry.This year’s selection was officially launched in early June, taking the theme of “innovation, service, and standard”, focusing on the work performance and representativeness. Through company, local industry associations, experts, andscholars, and various media channels to recommend, selected out 51 candidates,through the comprehensive evaluation of two key links of public voting andexpert review, finally selected out 12 annual figures and 25 annual managers.