Improve Education and Training System

Company takes hierarchical classification as training method, for different objects to implement different kinds of training, including new recruits training, pre-job training, at-work training, training for promotion, professional development training, and professional qualifications training, focusing on training methods, training tools, and constantly enriching the training content andinnovation, provides a variety of ways for staff development.

Improve Education and Training Platform

Company has initially established standard and non-standard curriculum to cover all categories of personnel and business areas, accumulated a series of high-quality special materials and curriculum resources, actively develop core course materials hierarchically classified, with China Life Investment Company’s own characteristics; strengthen the construction of lecturers team, commit to the establishment of the lecturer team, combined the full-time with the part-time, internal with external, and the internal taking the leading position.

Innovative Education and Training Mechanism

Company makes every effort to strengthen education and training appraisal, takes quantitative management on employees participating in education and training activities; makes every effort to improve education and training incentive and restraint mechanisms, explores incentive measurements for education and training, personal training situation and development linked to performance appraisal and promotion, and to encourage employees actively participate in external training according to job requirements, access to academic degrees and professional qualifications; focus on efforts to increase culturing talent practice, encourage and guide employees to grassroots units and business line for practice.